As an offshore commodity and forex trading firm, Summit International offers a selection of different financial services including both fully-managed and non-discretionary accounts to commodity and forex traders in most countries of the world.

Fully Managed Accounts

Opening a fully managed account means that our traders will look after your entire commodity and forex trading portfolio. This is an option for busy high net worth individuals or corporate investors who literally don’t have the time to attend to their portfolio but want to see performance and profits with minimal risk.

Non-Discretionary Accounts

This type of commodity and forex trading account is for clients that want to maintain full control in their trading portfolio but at the same time get some of the best commodity and forex trading advice available by working hand in hand with our Senior Brokers and even following their trades. Advice is available at all times but the final decision is the clients.

Past results are not indicative of future results. Due to the risky nature of commodity and forex trading, only risk capital should be used for investment.