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Chris Powers returns from the Geneva Conference on Commodities and FX

Jan, 2016

Chris powers just back from Conference in Geneva on future prices in commodities, such as Gold, Oil, and the US Dollar. The conference was successful, with very positive outlook for prices.

Craig Steele sees gold going to $2,000 an ounce

Jan, 2016

Commodities and exchange markets and global economic trends are showing some facts that have convinced Craig Steele to believe in a rise in price for gold, going into the $2,000 and upwards terrain for an ounce of the metal.

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Summit FX kickstarts ITIL 2011 Certification Process

Jan, 2016

Starting this January, Summit FX will be undertaking the reengineering of its IT business processes to comply with the ITIL framework for best practices in IT. Our goal is to improve our IT services throughout, by strategizing, designing, transitioning to and operating more measurable processes, which we can then continually improve.

Award of Excellence for Chris Powers

Dec, 2015

Chris Powers receives Award of Excellence from Brokers Association of Singapore.

His very successful career is based on research and good communication with clients around The World. Profits for clients is his consistent goal.

Summit FX celebrates Chris Powers' 12th year with the company

Jun, 2015

When Chris Powers took the job as Senior Broker back in 2004, Summit FX was just opening its Singapore office, and the company went through one of the most thorough selection processes ever in Summit to hire Mr. Powers, with over 40 other candidates for the position.

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